Static graphics to put over your content.

Live Stream Overlay

An overlay for a live stream needs to tell the viewer a lot about the broadcaster. For example, streamers commonly put their social media, name, and/or sponsored information/ads. As the designer, it's our job to make sure the overlay sends a message but does not take away from the gameplay or content under the overlay. Here at Drewsif Designs, we believe that we make some of the most effective overlays for our customers. If you decide to custom order an overlay, we will work with you to make it perfect for your content. 


Video Overlay

An overlay for a video can be very similar to a live stream overlay, but because videos tend to be a lot shorter than live streams, it does not need as much information. We like to keep it simple and let the content creator put all of their information in the description of the video. Having an overlay with a webcam box and logo makes for a great overlay for videos. 


Thumbnail Overlay

An overlay for a thumbnail is for a content creator who wants to continue their brand outside from the content. We make a simple overlay template branded with your logo and colors. Using an overlay for thumbnails lets the viewers know who the content creator is before even clicking on the video. The template is for you to use in your favorite editing software to create your thumbnails, keeping your content and brand together. 


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Animated Overlay

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Custom Order Overlay


  • Overlay with separate webcam elements

  • One of a kind Animated Designed just for you.

  • Custom designed Animated Overlay by Drewsif Design .LLC.